+593 99 416 7350 info@julioverne-travel.com
+593 99 416 7350 info@julioverne-travel.com

Social Footprint

Traveling on foot means that you will meet with local people. From chagra horsemen in the Andean moorlands to Quichua canoeists in the Amazon and Montubio farmers in the coastal region, all have their own history and culture. On our community trails, you´ll have the opportunity to interact with local people and learn about their way of life. Share time harvesting quinoa or cooking a local dish. Meet their families and participate in a spontaneous fiesta. Listen to their stories and their music.

Our relationship with indigenous and mestizo communities, local guides, drivers, cooks and muleteers, is of huge significance. Together we can make a positive social impact, not only by learning from each other but also by supporting local economies.

Our commitment to be a socially responsible hiking company is guided by these principles:

1. Employ locals as a small, local business we employ locals for every part of your trip: guides, drivers and muleteers

2. Fair labor practices all people who work with our company receive fair treatment and honest wages paid on time.

3. Sustainable supply chain we buy food in local shops and markets, have meals in small restaurants, use homestays and family- or community run accommodations

4. Community projects in our itineraries we include projects owned and run by local communities

5. Cultural identity we promote culturally-rich experiences that benefit both hosts and visitors

6. Support local artisans we give our clients the opportunity to meet local artisans who create traditional arts and crafts

7. Education & training we support local people to receive education and training in different fields of tourism

8. Animal welfare we supervise the treatment and welfare of the pack animals, making sure that they are not overloaded and get enough food and water