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+593 99 416 7350 info@julioverne-travel.com

Customized Itinerary

We are happy to create your custom-designed Ecuador-on-Foot experience. Whether you want to combine adventurous treks in the Andes and Amazon with Galapagos and Pacific hiking treasures, or prefer to complement that one outstanding trek with additional activities, we help you plan and organize it all.

These are the steps to realize your tailored trip:

Get inspired

Start checking our hiking programs, filtering by Area, Style and Duration. Remember to check also the difficulty level and any special requirements that apply. If you have heard about other amazing hiking trails in any part of Ecuador, do not hesitate to add these to your wish list!

Share your wish list

Let us know about your personal interests, trip duration, experience level and budget. You can do this by filling out the tailor made form, or send your request by whatsapp or e-mail. If you would like to discuss the options personally, we can plan a meeting on Skype or Zoom.

Let us shape your trip

Once your needs and tastes are clear, we work out a detailed day by day itinerary. This includes not only the selected hikes, but also the accommodations and private transfers in between hiking destinations.  Thanks to our vast local expertise, you can count on a travel plan that is attractive and realistic in terms of logistics and preparation.

Revise, refine, decide

Take your time to revise our proposal and ask us any question you may have. If you want to modify any part, just let us know. We will make the necessary adjustments and establish the final plan together with you. Only after you are totally satisfied with the itinerary, we start with the booking formalities.

Count on our support

Once you set out on the trail, we will be monitoring every detail. From the moment you arrive throughout your journey, we are in contact with our guides, drivers and local assistants to ensure smooth logistics. You can contact us through our 24/7 emergency number.

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