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+593 99 416 7350 info@julioverne-travel.com

Why Ecuador on foot?

Ecuador, one of the smallest countries in South America, is a perfect destination to explore on foot. It hides many unknown and uncrowded hiking trails where you will be truly one with nature.


Hiking in Ecuador is not limited to the Andes. The Cloud forest and Amazon rainforest, the Pacific Coast and the Galapagos Islands, all have their own interesting trails. From leisurely hacienda hikes, historic footpaths and community circuits, through birdwatching trails, food forest walks and rainforest hikes, to crater loops, volcano trekking, and challenging glacier climbs – Ecuador has it all!

Why hike with us

Would you like to make an individual hiking trip that combines all of Ecuador´s amazing ecosystems? Searching for an outfitter to climb to the earth´s closest point to the sun? Want to discover the Galapagos Islands on foot, without embarking a cruise? Interested in an adventurous family trek in the rainforest? At Julio Verne Travel you are in the right place!


We run hiking, trekking and climbing tours in Ecuador since 1995. By combining tailor made trip design with meticulous planning and smooth logistics, we have built a steady reputation. We know the country inside out and you can count on our attention to detail, from the moment you first contact us.


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