+593 99 416 7350 info@julioverne-travel.com
+593 99 416 7350 info@julioverne-travel.com

Safety & Health

Our care for your safety and health starts way before you will actually set of on the trail. We plan your hiking trip according to your experience and physical capabilities. We provide realistic information on the difficulty levels and how to acclimatize properly for high altitude treks. Knowing what to expect, is the first step to an enjoyable and safe trip!

Another key factor is outfitting you with high quality equipment. Eureka 4-season tents, warm sleeping bags, thermarest pads, comfortable La Sportiva climbing boots, Black Diamond crampons, and much more! Our Gear Checklists detail all the items we provide, plus the items you have to bring yourself. We have a strict cleaning and maintenance schedule: after each trip, sleeping bags and clothing items are washed, tents are set up and cleaned, boots are cleaned and aired. All equipment is inspected and replacement takes place on a regular base.

Once on the trail, our certified, professional guides will put constant attention to your wellbeing. They will give an introductory briefing, teach you about the proper use of equipment, and give instructions when on the trail. They will check weather and trail conditions, and be alert on signs of altitude sickness, exhaustion or other conditions that may be a reason to modify the itinerary. All guides receive regular training in Emergency Response Plans and Emergency First Aid.

The Covid-19 era has added new requirements to our trip preparation and logistics. Our Biosecurity Protocols are based on the Covid-19 Health and Safety Guidelines of Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) for Trekking and Camping, and on the standardized protocols of the World Travel and Tourism Council for which we received the SafeTravels stamp.