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+593 99 416 7350 info@julioverne-travel.com

Ecological Footprint

Hiking is the most eco-friendly way of travel. Connecting with nature and the elements helps to raise awareness on the importance of conserving the earth´s fragile ecosystems. It teaches us to live with less and to value natural resources. It motivates to do our own bit for natural heritage, allowing future generations to experience awe inspiring hikes just as we do today.

All this does not mean that hiking automatically reduces our ecological footprint. Mass trekking can be extremely harmful to the environment. This is one of the reasons why we keep our groups small and prefer to avoid the beaten paths!

We are committed to protect and preserve Ecuador´s unique hiking destinations, by minimizing the negative human impact. Honoring the main principles of Leave no Trace, we have implemented the following guidelines:

1. Reduce Waste we minimize the use of unnecessary packaging, plastic and bottles

2. Dispose of Waste our guides will clean and inspect the campsite before leaving, carrying out any waste

3. Protect water sources campsites will be set up at a distance of minimum 50 meters from streams and lakes

4. Avoid campfires we use fuel stoves for cooking and do not allow campfires

5. Respect flora and fauna don´t disturb or feed animals, don´t pick flowers and don´t trample sensitive plants

6. No single-use items we use rechargeable batteries and avoid all kinds of disposable utensils

7. Food consciousness we use local produce and promote the reduction of meat consumption by offering tasty vegetarian options

8. Share equipment there is no need to buy a complete hiking outfit, you can borrow our high quality gear