+593 99 416 7350 info@julioverne-travel.com
+593 99 416 7350 info@julioverne-travel.com

Why Hike With Us

Private custom hikes

We operate private treks for solo travelers, couples, families and small parties, ensuring that you can hike at your own pace and enjoy a unique experience.  Where we run programs for groups, we prefer to keep these small, to protect the trails and communities from mass trekking. The maximum ratio guide: customers is 1: 6 for hiking and 1: 2 for climbing trips. 

Realistic information

We have options for all difficulty levels, from relaxed day hikes out of comfortable haciendas and lodges, to camping treks and challenging summit climbs. Not sure yet what is the right trip for you? Contact us for a personal chat. We give realistic and honest information about what to expect and design your itinerary according to your interests and experience level.

Expert guides

Hiking with a specialized guide is highly recommended, as Ecuador does not have a sign posted hiking network. Sudden weather changes and failing GPS signal may complicate self-navigation. Our guides are trained in recognizing risks and putting into place plan B. They motivate you on tough moments, know the best spots to set up camp, and share their wide knowledge.

Top grade equipment

We include top of the line equipment: 4-season tents, climbing boots plus technical mountaineering gear, lightweight sleeping bags in the rainforest. Many details add quality to your experience: think of fleece liners, thermos bottle for coca tea, glacier glasses. All you have to bring are a good daypack, proper clothing and personal items as detailed in our gear checklists.

Gear transportation

No worries about heavy packs! On camping treks we use mules and donkeys to carry camping gear, food boxes, and your spare clothing. On other multi day hikes our drivers transport the equipment from one place to another. You just carry a daypack with your raingear, camera and box lunch. Luggage that you don´t need on the trek, we can store in a safe place for you.

Healthy & tasty Food

We provide nutritious and delicious food, using fresh vegetables and fruits, plus local superfoods like quinoa, chocho and chocolate. Dinner and breakfast are served in the lodges, or prepared by our guides on camping treks. The box lunches have sandwiches or wraps, local snacks and fruit. We have meal plans for carnivore, vegetarian and vegan hikers, and cater for specialty diets.

Affordable and fair

Going on a private hiking trip does not have to cost a fortune; we offer high quality programs at competitive prices. With every guide we contract, every lodge we propose, and every piece of equipment we provide, the value of your money is in the back of our mind! We take pride in paying fair fees to our guides, drivers and donkey men, recognizing their responsible jobs.

Local-global awareness

Most of our guides and donkey men are born and raised in the area we invite you to hike in. They are happy to give you a deeper insight in daily life. As most Ecuadorians, they are curious about your life back home. This is a contribution to the global awareness that we stand for: creating enriching experiences through a mutual, meaningful connection with other cultures.