Cruises are available from 4 days / 3 nights up to 15 days / 14 nights. The longer the cruise, the higher the number of islands that will be visited.
We offer 4 categories of cruise vessels, amongst motor yachts, motor sailors, catamarans and cruise ships, ranging from small and basic in standard class to spacious and very comfortable in luxury class. Remind that the differences between the classes are not only reflected in the type of accommodation, but also in the level of guiding, meals and general service.


If you travel on a budget and don’t mind basic accommodations, the Standard Class yachts are a good choice. These are small motor yachts and motor sailors with a capacity of 12 – 16 passengers, accommodated in small double cabins with bunk beds and private bath. The guides on these boats are English speaking naturalist guides II.


The midrange category includes motor yachts and motor sailors for 14 – 18 passengers. Compared to the standard class, the social areas and cabins offer a bit more space, and the cabins in general have twin beds or one double bed, private bath and air conditioning. The guides on these boats are English speaking naturalist guides II.

If stability and comfort are important to you, look into the first class motor catamarans and cruise vessels. These boats offer a more stable navigation, more cabin space with comfortable beds and spacious bathroom, and excellent service level. English speaking naturalist guides II and III.

The quality of accommodation, cuisine and general service on the luxury boats is comparable to that of a 5 star hotel. These boats have very spacious and comfortable cabins and suites, often with extra facilities such as a private balcony or a jacuzzi. The guides on these boats usually are multilingual and have a university degree.