ancestors trail




The Ancestors‘ Trail is a great hike in the Andean highlands just outside Riobamba. Enjoy the beautiful sceneries and learn about the culture of the local people on this day hike.

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polylepis hike Cruises




This day hike at the foot of Chimborazo Mt. is a good choice if you want to get acclimatized for a multi day trek or a climbing trip. With clear weather you will have excellent views of Chimborazo, the highest volcano of Ecuador.

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vicuña trek




On this 2-day trek you will cross from east to west the pass between two snow-capped volcanoes: Chimborazo and Carihuairazo. Hiking on the paramo of the Chimborazo Reserve you will have excellent views of these and other peaks.

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quilotoa loop



The Quilotoa Loop is a great way to experience the beautiful countryside of the Andes. We pass indigenous and mestizo villages, meet local farmers, and enjoy spectacular sceneries with deep canyons, paramo highlands and snow-capped peaks. This trek finishes at Quilotoa volcano, one of the most impressive crater lakes of the world. On this trip we spend the nights in cosy lodges with fireplaces, so it is the perfect trek for those who don’t like camping.

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Inca Trail



The Incas made an impressive system of roads, which connected Quito, in the northern part of their empire, with Talca (south of Santiago, Chile). In the southern part of the Chimborazo province it is still possible to follow one of these ancient Inca trails. This trek will take us along paramo highlands, remote indigenous villages and enchanting mountain lakes, to the ruins of Ingapirca.

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altar trek



The Altar (5319 m. / 17.451 ft.) is one the most spectacular mountains of Ecuador. The Incas called it Capac Urcu - sublime mountain. A long time ago, El Altar was the highest volcano of Ecuador, and some studies even say that it was the highest of the world. A huge eruption almost completely destroyed the cone, leaving 9 snow-capped summits in a horseshoe shape around an enormous crater lake. El Altar is part of the Sangay National Park, that is home to spectacled bears, condors, Andean gulls, white-tailed deers and foxes.

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volcano circuit



This 4-day trek at the southern end of Ecuador’s Volcano Avenue is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the spectacular landscapes of the Andes. With clear weather, this route provides magnificent views of the most impressive snowcapped volcanoes.

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